7 week Mentorship Program: Develop A Conscious Breathing Practice

Choose to be the victor of the breath, rather than the victim of stress. Find refuge in the breath and follow its calm & joyful pace. Have compassion for yourself and have a heart for now. Develop a daily practice of feeling like a whole human being & celebrate.
— Samuel J. Kirschner

Learn to take care of yourself and b r e a t h e l o v e in 2 your anxiety, loss, struggle & pain. Open your heart to the breath and breathe with ease. Move with grace and find your authentic pace. Transform misery and oppression to joy, oxygen and ease with the five-steps of The Breaze, and be held accountable with Samuel’s personal coaching and guidance.

The 5 steps of The BREAZE

  • Shake & awake like a hummingbird.

  • Flow like a river & let go.

  • Stand like a tree & make space.

  • Walk like an elephant with grace.

  • Dance like a breeze & celebrate.

The Program Includes:

  • One weekly session, in person or on Skype (one hour)

  • Daily Practice of assigned BREAZE meditations.

  • Self Care Journal of documenting on a daily basis:

    • “When did I lose my joy & ease and felt anxious, insecure, miserable or oppressed?”

    • “How did I transform my anxiety, misery & oppression to joy, oxygen & ease?

    • Submit your weekly writing to Samuel before your next session.

    • Develop a support system of self-motivation & accountability.

“Samuel Jakob Kirschner’s teaching of life through meditative sacred celebration in movement, breath, and dance, is the single best program I have ever encountered. Under his fascinating Mentorship Program, I learned how to extend compassionate love and care toward others, and most surprisingly to myself. Samuel’s wisdom put into practice unmistakably is the work of the future. His unique style of practice marks an extraordinary new beginning in how we are able to fully rejoice in living our human experience. Samuel will teach you that pain in life is mandatory, but suffering is only optional. He will guide you in turning stories of victimization into stories of victory, and that relationships with others are merely reflections of the relationships we have with ourselves. Through Samuel’s gentle expertise and observation, you will learn to access your heart, speak the truth, and courageously open your heart and ask the breath for help. By his example, you will learn that we have a profound responsibility to exude kindness & compassion in all situations of daily life. Most of all, Samuel will share with you his greatest joy and beloved passion, which he calls ‘loving all the way’. Thank you, Samuel, for opening my heart, inviting my insecurities, and releasing my soul. I cannot wait to embark upon the new journey as an artist of living in sacred manner and celebration through Artists Of Living & Loving – Program Level 2.”
— Carrie Rost Rogers

The cost for the seven week mentorship program is – $1050 (2 payments of $525. Payable at the beginning and in the middle of the program)

For more information and to register write to: samuel@thebreaze.com

7-week Mentorship Program

Develop a daily practice with the Five Steps of The Breaze.