They say that Love is the only energy we take with us and leave behind. I’ve been enamoredwith b r e a t h e l o v e as a mantra and a lifeway. A self healing system and an accumulative practice. A life investment that can be trusted and celebrated. The transformational questions behind b r e a t h e l o v e are: “How constricted or @ ease is your breathing?” “How shut down or open is your heart?”“How negative or positive is your story?” Paying compassionate attention to these questions, activates the mantra b r e a t h e l o v e. Rewiring the brain and raising your presence. Building emotional bridges 2 the soul and melting ego walls. Coming Home to yourself & living in the frequency of Love. 

* I’d like to gift you the BreazeApp, built by Rich Lovejoy, available @the Apple AppStore. (a version compatible with smart phones is coming) 

 * A link to the Gym4theSoul where you can practice audio & video tracks of The Breaze recorded by Quinn McCarthy:

* A link to all the offerings of The Breaze including the "7 week mentoring program "Creating A breathing Practice" and the12 week program "Artist of Living & Loving"

b r e a t h e l o v e


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