BREAZE — connect 2 the Breath, Release Your Stress, follow Your Heart & celebrate.  

“Feeling like a whole human being”

A One-2-One session with Samuel J. Kirschner by phone, Skype or in person, can help you HumanUp and take care of yourself with the five steps of the Breaze.  Learn to connect to the breath, let go of struggle, pain & stress, have a heart for yourself & celebrate. Start a daily practice of healing your life & feeling like a whole person, moment by moment, breath by breath.

Set Up an Appointment

Phone: 212.683-0219
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“Samuel is an amazing healer & teacher with phenomenal experience. He is
especially a master helping students become one with the breath, in stillness
and movement.”
— Dr. Richard P. Brown
  • Briefly describe your physical, emotional & mental state. 
  • Have a transformational-dialogue about your attention & intention.
  • Learn to connect to the breath, open your heart and breathe with ease.
  • Practice the five steps of The B R E A Z E
  • Take care of yourself & HumanUp.
  • Develop a daily breathing practice.
“I’d like to help you take care of yourself,
connect to the breath & release your stress.
Develop a daily practice to continue your
journey with the breath, feel like a whole
human being and celebrate.”
— Samuel J. Kirschner

The cost of a one hour session is $175. $120 for a 45 min. phone consultation. $90 for a half hour session.