According to psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Richard P. Brown, Coherent Breathing can reset the stress response system for better emotional self-regulation, support, bonding, resilience and connectedness. Former patient and meditation teacher and founder of the BREAZE, Samuel J. Kirschner, presents a program which integrates Coherent Breathing with movement, music, self-compassion and awareness practices.

These techniques are relevant and engaging for people dealing with trauma, loss, crisis and PTSD, as well as their extended caregivers, family and friends. In 2013, Samuel taught at a year long study for outpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia at a state psychiatric hospital in New York.

In July 2015, Dr. Brown and Samuel Kirschner conducted a training and workshop for patients and staff in Juba Psychiatric Hospital in South Sudan.

Participating Organizations

  • Gilda's Club of New York City
  • Friends In Deed Juba Psychiatric Hospital, South Sudan
  • NKI Psychiatric Hospital NY


“The B R E A Z E” –
Follow Your Breath, Find Inner Refuge and Breathe with Ease
with Samuel Jakob Kirschner


The BREAZE is a restorative breathing and movement technique for healing, offering musical meditations to help you follow the pace of the breath and open your heart. You’ll feel inspired as you celebrate your life, follow your joy, oxygen and ease and feel invigorated as you learn the five steps of the BREAZE.

1. Shake like a hummingbird & awake.

2. Flow like a river & let go.

3. Stand like a tree & make space.

4. Walk like an elephant with grace.

5. Dance like a breeze & celebrate.

The program will provide a practice CD for continuity, daily practice alone & in community


Samuel Jakob Kirschner is an artist of living, a self-healer, meditation teacher, and founder of the B R E A Z E. Born in a refugee camp in Germany, Samuel has taught hundreds of people worldwide for over three decades. He has encouraged personal healing and transformation through a dedicated process of self-inquiry and compassion. In 2015, Samuel worked with Dr. Richard Brown to assist refugees in South Sudan, demonstrating how the BREAZE can help in building practices and community under extreme conditions. In his presentation, Samuel will lecture and demonstrate how you can follow the pace of the breath with the five steps of the BREAZE.

“No matter what is happening in your life, even when you’re experiencing trauma, loss, crisis or deep grief, you can partner your care with the breath and be at ease. Transform misery & oppression to joy, oxygen & ease & celebrate your life now.”
— Samuel J. Kirschner

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