Honor Your Loss, Celebrate Your Life

When we lose the joy we were born with, it can feel like the loss of our humanity, the loss of our soul, the end of our world. When this loss is dishonored, not processed and unhealed, it can turn into terror. A Self-terror that can terrorize our loved ones & the world. 

No matter how deep your loss and how devastating, you can heal and find the joy you were born with, in the graceful pace of the breath, and in the compassionate pulsation of the heart. I'm a refugee of humanity, practicing healing the loss of my soul, moment by moment, breath by breath. 

Come and HumanUp. Breathe-Self-Love and and find refuge in the breath. Feel like a whole human and make your life matter again. Turn the loss of your world into a sacred celebration of your life. It’s what the world needs more than ever now... love, sweet love :)


Samuel Jakob Kirschner, Voice of the Breaze