b r e a t h e l o v e 2 c o n t r o v e r s y

I’m sitting in lotus @ the sauna of my gym, minding my own business (b r e a t h i n g l o v e & having-a-heart 4 an anxiety I have about a work issue), as a man who I hardly know, asks me “Have you heard the latest controversy about Trump?” I wonder, first internally, and then I ask him “Why are you asking me that question?”, “Because you look so peaceful...” he answers. I’m breathing more love in 2 my urge to get smart and say "so why would do you want to interrupt my peace?" (Empathic-Breathing) and instead, what comes out of my mouth is “I work real hard to transform the negativity in my own mind ”, 2 which he says “Now, he is taking on Turkey… ” I breathe in kindness & breathe out compassion, and then I say “OK, it’s time 4 me to go, have a nice day”. I left the sauna and went to the joggers ring and practiced the five steps of The Breaze. When I left the gym I had no side effects and no negative residue... “Love is working after all” :)

This is an example of how you can be held accountable to stretching your humanity & HumanUp. Breathe Love in 2 your anxiety & Have a Heart. Practice the skill of Empathic Breathing, listening with an open heart 2 others while being present 2 yourself, & Celebrating the Present - with the five steps of The Breaze. These are the focuses of the Mentorship program - 7 weeks of Developing A Breathing Practice & Taking Care of Your Soul https://www.thebreaze.com/7week-mentorship-with-samuel