Welcome to The BREAZE

The BREAZE is a five-step moving meditation to the heart & a sacred journey to the present. It combines restorative breathing, creative movement, music, & self-compassion to help you get relief from & heal emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, loss, addiction & depression. This practice is enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures & gender. It can be shared with friends & family in everyday life. Take care of your Self & honor who you are. Release negative emotions & lighten up. Follow the breath & connect to your being. Find your MOJOE - joy, oxygen & ease & share good energy with bothers & sisters & others. BrEathe~Love, Move, Celebrate & Heal with the 5 steps of The BREAZE:
1. Shake like a hummingbird & awake.
2. Flow like a river & let go.
3. Stand like a tree & make space.
4. Walk like an elephant with grace.
5. Dance like a breeze & celebrate.
Watch the video to the left to see how it's done!

Daily Message


Being True 2 Yourself

"On your birthday, we went to a restaurant of your choice. You ordered a salad and I had two glasses of cranberry juice. We were having a conversation about 'the truth' and 'taking care of ourselves’, regarding an email I received earlier in the day, which upset me … Read More

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