Welcome to The BREAZE

The B R E A Z E is a restorative breathing & movement system of healing, offering musical meditations to help you follow the breath, open your heart and love all the way. Follow your MOJOE – joy, oxygen & ease. Feel invigorated and inspired as you celebrate the sacred present, whether you're dealing with PTSD, anxiety, loss, addiction or depression. This holistic self care practice is enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures & gender and can be shared with friends & family. We offer programs of building practice & community world wide. BrEathe~Love. Move, Dance Celebrate & Heal with the 5 steps of BREAZE:
1. Shake like a hummingbird & awake.
2. Flow like a river & let go.
3. Stand like a tree & make space.
4. Walk like an elephant with grace.
5. Dance like a breeze & celebrate.
Watch the video to the left to see how it's done!

“Voice of The BREAZE” – Daily Message

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