The B R E A Z E is a restorative breathing and moving meditation healing system. You can practice the five steps of the BREAZE to transform fear to love, stress to breath and struggle to freedom in just about everything.  Take care of yourself.  Pay loving attention. Open your heart. Follow the breath and allow it to heal and wash clear pain, loss & struggles in a natural, fun, and creative way.


The five steps of The BREAZE:

  • Shake like a hummingbird and awake.

  • Flow like a river and let go.

  • Stand like a tree and make space.

  • Walk like an elephant with grace.

  • Dance like a breeze and celebrate.

Experience the calm and joy of the BREAZE with wonderful music. Follow your MOJOE – joy, oxygen & ease. Feel invigorated, inspired and be @ ease.

Attention is breathing love. “Open your heart and breathe with ease. Have a heart 4 now. Let the breath wash clear and heal your fear, pain, stress & struggle.”

“Attention shapes the brain. What we pay attention to is literally what we will build in our brain tissue. Our neurons wire in response to what we focus upon. Paying loving attention is ultimately an act of kindness and compassion toward ourselves. If we love a child, we pay loving attention to her. We watch this child thrive as we give her our attention. We know this works. In this way we are not different rom the child. We too will thrive with loving attention and as adults, we have the capacity to give that attention to ourselves. Let’s practice simply paying loving attention, not rushing to judgment. Let’s practice ‘Welcome Everything; Push Away Nothing.’   Rick Hanson


If you’d like relief from stress, anxiety, loss & depression, learning how to take care of your Soul and paying loving attention is key. We offer healing, moving and music meditations to help you follow the breath, open your heart and love all the way, with the five steps of The BREAZE.  Samuel J. Kirschner has dedicated his life to the art of living & loving in the present, and to self-healing in a sacred manner & in celebration. Trusting your breath and loving your life all the way. He will guide you how to breathe love to your challenges, celebrate and heal. Samuel has taught hundreds of people world wide for over three decades and lives as he teaches. You will be inspired to grow in a natural, fun and creative way!


Become an Artist of Living and Loving in a Sacred Manner and in Celebration. Transform the ‘piece of work’ you think you are, into the ‘piece of art’ you really are. Tell the unarguable truth of your experience. Open your heart and follow the breath. Honor your loss and lighten up. Celebrate the sacred now with laughter & tears, dance and music. Regardless of your age, gender, religion, ethnicity, skin color, health status, socio-economics or past mistakes, joy is your birthright, and you are free to discover your authentic self & celebrate the joy you were born with, and embrace your inner beauty now.  (See our “7 -Week Mentorship with Samuel” & “12-week Artists Of Living and Loving” Programs)

“The purpose of life is being happy. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The lack of self-love is not just a personal crisis, it is an ecological hazard. To love yourself is to love the unlovable and appreciate all of creation, because in love there is no separation. People who love themselves make the world a happier place, and that is cause for celebration. Be responsible for your life. Commit to happiness, authenticity and being real. Learn to face and embrace who you are, moment by moment, breath by breath. Increase your authentic power, mental health and emotional intelligence with the five steps of BREAZE. Calming your world contributes to a calmer world.” Breaze#HumanUp. Feel like a whole human being.
— Samuel Jakob Kirschner