About Samuel Jakob Kirschner 


There is a simple joy we're born with - the joy of being alive, being ourSelf, and belonging to life. When we lose that joy, we lose our humanity, our connection with God, with love, and with the soul. We lose the connection with what makes us feel human. That loss results in a depression of the life force, and a numbing of the intelligence of the heart, breath & soul. Having lost that joy several time in my life and trying to kill myself twice, I was blessed ten years ago with a practice that keeps returning me to the present of my soul and the joy I was born with, with The five steps of the Breaze.

“The greatest challenge for refugees is feeling like whole human beings again.”
A German social worker at a Syrian refugee camp in Berlin 2017

At the present I feel like a whole human being. I feel the joy in my soul,  have my Self,  and I trust in my inner life journey, and look forward to sourcing my life from the present, rather than from the anxiety of the unknown. There is nothing I love more than helping others follow the joy in their soul, be present & feel like whole human beings again. 

It took me four decades of searching, self-healing and recovery, to learn that everything about our human experience deserves compassion. It’s our job as adults to take care of ourselves, and give ourselves the loving attention, kindness and compassion we expect from others, especially to the parts in us that feel unlovable, damaged and lost.

When you open your heart, Breathe-Self-Love, and have a heart for your loss, you can find the truth of your being, access the wisdom, joy & beauty of your soul, and be free to be love. You can celebrate your life and be happy with yourself at any age, against the odds of what you were taught or expected.

Life is a spectacular gift and an amazing journey. It takes time and skills to learn to be happy and at ease with yourself. Don’t sell your life short. Take care of yourself and remember who you are. BreatheSelfJove, honor your loss and make space, celebrate and heal. Your experience is unique and sacred. Practice daily being curious and growing spiritually. Release negative emotions and lighten up. Discover your magnificent being! You can be more graceful and more beautiful in your soul, as you grow older in time. Be a force of nature, and a chuckle in the breath of the universe :) 

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I’m an artist of living, a self-healer, and a kind mentch, part of the human race. I was born in a displaced people’s camp in Germany, and was one year old when in 1948, my parents immigrated to the newly found state of Israel.

I was born with incredible joy, but at the same time, I could feel as intensely the grief and loss in my family, and the pain of the world, but it was not allowed to be discussed. As I was growing up, I often doubted my right to exist and feel the joy I was born with, without feeling guilty that I was betraying my family. Like many survivors with post traumatic stress, I have weathered severe bouts of fear, anxiety and depression, which spurred me to dig ever so deeper to find the truth of my being and the meaning of my life. When I thought of what I would do when I would grow up, the most important thing was being a descent human being, or a mensch as it was called in my family.

On  my journey to find who I am, I studied and practiced Psychology and Philosophy, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Massage-therapy, Yoga, Qi-Gong, Kabalistic, Zen, Sufi and Vipassana meditation. I served in the Israeli army in the mid 60's, worked for the Israeli airlines and travelled the world in late sixties, and moved to Paris in the early seventies to live with my first male partner, who was a famous dancer and choreographer. I moved to NYC in 1974 to work for a movie company and pursue a career in the movie industry. 

A year after moving to NYC I had my first bout of severe depression that lasted a year. I never experienced such pain & despair before. While trying psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, I came out of the depression almost a year later, a month after finding yoga and meditation in Tel-Aviv Israel.  In 1975 I began my spiritual path of self-healing, meditation and transformation. I vowed to follow life as my teacher, rather than my EFM (ego fear mind). Through my work with people with AIDS in the 1980’s, I witnessed firsthand the power of Self-love, acceptance, inner joy and celebration, even in times of crisis, catastrophic events, and in the process of dying. Through recovery work I learned how to connect to the breath as my higher power, and allow it to wash clear fear-based beliefs, heal trauma and release negative emotions. But it was through the loss of my partner Stan and my struggle with the unbearable pain of depression, that I found the healing power of self-compassion, sacred celebration, and loving all the way.

“Caught in the self-centered dream - only suffering
Holding to self-centered thoughts - exactly the dream
Each moment life as it is - the only teacher.
Being just this moment - compassion’s way.”
Jocko Beck

Moment-by-moment, breath- by-breath, you can follow the unconditional love in your breath, breathe compassion to your challenges, love, celebrate and heal. You can breathe, connect and dance with your loved ones, dead or alive, in person and long distance. I am grateful to the beautiful and courageous souls who inspire and guide me on my journey to healing and love. “Each moment life as it is – the only teacher. Being just this moment, compassion’s way”. (Jocko Beck)

I invite you to join me on the sacred journey to the heart, breath & soul. Take care of yourself & re-member who you are. Follow your MOJOE – joy, oxygen and ease.

Samuel J. Kirschner,
founder of B R E A Z E
(Teacher, counselor, author, recording artist)