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FROM LOSS 2 LOVE latest upcoming workshop

Trust your breath, feel safe in the world, and fall in love with your life all over again, in stillness, movement and music.

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                                        Breathe-Self-Love#HumanUp Podcast

                                                                                     Feeling Like a Whole Human Being


Voice of the Breaze blog

A dose of good energy, stories, inspiration and reminders on following the breath and celebrating your life.


                                                    One 2 One Individual Training

                                   By appointment: training in-person (Manhattan, NYC), on phone, or through Skype.


                                                  7-week Mentorship Program

                                                      Develop a daily practice with the Five Steps of The Breaze.

                                         Artists of Living and Healing Program

12 weeks of being held accountable to feeling like a whole human being, and living in a sacred manner and in celebration


                                                                  Breaze App

                                                                                      See iOS App store.


                                                  Guided Meditations and Music

                                                        Available on iTunes. Search for Samuel Jakob Kirschner

                         Breaze Programs for Schools, Hospitals, and Organizations


                                               Global Breaze

Building practice and community under extreme conditions (for refugees, displaced persons, and individuals with PTSD)