Artists of Living, in a sacred manner & in celebration.

"Holding space is the process of witnessing and validating someone else’s emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own."

As an Artist of Living, you’re committed to becoming a master of holding space. Taking care of yourself, by breathing-self-love, kindness & compassion, and being held accountable. Stopping the cycle of victimization and choosing to take responsibility for your life. Practicing clearing your energy, feeling like a whole human being, and connecting to the joy you were born with. Accessing the wisdom of the breath and living in the present, in sacred & creative celebration. Using the five steps and the rhythm of the B R E A Z E to practice all the above.

The program includes:

  • Developing a daily self-care & self-healing practice.
  • b r e a t h i n g l o v e  2  your challenges & following your bliss.
  • Writing in your Creative BREAZE Journal, how you took care of yourself in a challenging situation, and    where you got stuck.
  • Setting three goals, desires, projects & creating them from your bliss.
  • Living legacy
  • (book, video, music, dance)
  • A weekly one hour phone session on Skype or in person with Samuel
  • Free access to the Gym4theSoul 
  • Emailing & texting 4 support
  • One payment of $2200 or three payments of $800.

The practice of The BREAZE

  • “Where am I constricted breath, body, mind & heart?” (Self-inquiry-meditation)
  • “Can I breathe & have a heart 4 the constriction & breathe with more ease?” (Mantra – B r e a t h e S e l f  L o v e)
  • Move with grace and make space… (5 steps moving practice of The BREAZE)
  • Live in the love-state & follow your bliss….
“The twelve week Artists Of Living program with Samuel restored my creative energies through meditation, the 5 Steps of The BREAZE, writing, music, and self-compassion. Becoming an Artist of Living has changed my life from one of frustration into one of celebration. Samuel’s intuition is a sacred gift, which makes working with him unique. It was better than any of the other therapists, workshops, or retreats I had attempted before. I am now able to breakthrough my self-doubt through self-care. I’m forever grateful to Samuel and his work and I plan to incorporate his philosophies into my life’s work.”
— Carrie Rost Rodgers (May 2015)
I started working with Samuel and practicing The Breaze one year ago. I was struggling with severe anxiety as well as depression and happened to click on a link to his website. I went in person to the Wednesday practice and that was the beginning. Yoga, meditation and breathwork were a way of life for me and continue to be, but this practice has taught me something more, something that is accessible in a moment of possible panic or fear. It is a practice of opening your heart in every experience while partnering with your breath. The artists of living program and Samuel’s mentorship have been transformational for me. I now have precious skills for managing and navigating this life that I never had before and I am grateful.
— Rose C. (March 2016)