The Gym4theSoul, is a safe place & a sacred space to examine your life, stretch your humanity & Human-Up.
Take Care of yourSelf, Breathe with Ease & Have a Heart 4 Now. Connect to your Soul & Follow your Bliss. Practice Coming Home to Yourself in the Present, with the five steps of the Breaze, in a Sacred Manner and in Celebration. Be the One You’ve Been Waiting 4.

We offers Healing Mediations, Breathing audio tracks, Videos of the five steps of The Breaze, individual sessions, classes, workshops, programs, manuals & Apps. Sign up for a CONFIdance session with Samuel. Come to the monthly workshop TheGym4theSoul. Take the 7 weeks program “Creating a Daily Breathing Love Practice”. Become an “Artist of Living & Loving” by joining the 12 weeks program. Be part of a global community of individuals who live in the present - against all the odds, taking the high road - at this challenging time in history.

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Sample the following audio & video Breathing & Moving Meditations @ TheGym4theSoul.


Joy Is Your Birthright -HumanUp (3 min.)


Practice the Five Steps of The Breaze (5:00)

Empathic Breathing Meditation (5:00)


Message from the Hopi Elders (4:00)


Breathe Self Love - Guided Meditation   (9:49)