The Gym4theSoul, is a safe place & a sacred space to examine your life, Breathe-Self-Love & Human-Up. Connect 2 the Big Breath of Life & align with the Frequency of Love, in a Sacred-Manner-&-in-Celebration. Practice Being the One You’ve Been Waiting 4.

We offers Healing Mediations, Breathing Audio Tracks, Videos of the five steps of The Breaze, classes, workshops, programs, manuals & Apps. Sign up 4 a CONFIdance class. Have an Individual Self-Healing session with Samuel. Take the 7 weeks program “Creating a Daily Breathe-Self-Love Practice”. Become an “Artists of Living & Loving” by joining the 12 weeks program. Be part of a global community creating their lives from the present against all the odds. For more information & registration write to:


Joy Is Your Birthright -HumanUp (3 min.)


The Five Steps of The Breaze (5:00)


Breaze Coherent Breathing Meditation (5:00)


Message from the Hopi Elders (4:00)


Breathe Self Love - Guided Meditation   (9:49)