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Loss is the most complex emotion of the human experience. 
Loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of a country, loss of a
home, loss of a dream if ignored, can turn into PTSD, anxiety
& depression, self loathing, struggle & aggression. Losing our
self confidence & our trust in life. Breathing and having a heart
4 your loss, walking with grace, dance & celebrate, you can connect 
you 2 the Breathing Heart of Humanity. Transform your Loss 2 Love,
and Trust the Truth in your Soul. Be kind 2 yourself.  Be💡in the world.
Be Present🕺. It is my honor & pleasure to help you identify your losses &
find your connection to the Breathing Heart of Humanity & develop a daily
practice of managing your stress & celebrating your life.

By attending @ The BREAZE Empathic~Breathing workshop, (also on Skype) you can receive:

* The BreazeApp, available @the Apple AppStore.

 * A link to the Gym4theSoul where you can practice audio & video tracks of The Breaze

* A 15% discount to all the offerings of The Breaze including the "7 week mentoring program "Creating A breathing Practice" and the12 week program "Artist of Living & Loving"

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